Address MD 20769, USA
Telephone +1 (301) 379-4148

About Us

MASSIWE, Inc.: A 501(c) Non-Profit NGO Corporation located in MD, USA is a non-profit networking organization involved in promoting youth empowerment, educational and cultural ties, tourism, trade, joint ventures & investments between the state of Maryland in USA and the state of Sikkim in India.

MASSIWE’s Sister State Initiative is a brainchild of the promoters with a 60 plus years of cumulative experience in various domains including but not limited to International Relations, Government to Government, Political, Diplomatic, Trade, Industry, Cultural Exchanges, etc. between USA and India. The promoters have a vast experience in Information Technology (IT), Banking, Mortgage, HR, Media Relations, etc. The promoters have been involved in Cultural Exchanges, Student Visa, Work Authorization, Training, Staffing, etc. between India and USA since 1984...

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