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The Following Are Our Immediate Goals:

  • Strive towards the creation of a Maryland and Sikkim Sister State Initiative in Workforce Empowerment (MASSIWE).

  • Work towards a matching grant between the governments of the state of Maryland and Sikkim in the form of infrastructure facilities, support, incentive to Churches and other NGOs for signing up trainees, etc.

  • Create an environment wherein qualified professionals from Sikkim would remotely train the underemployed, unemployed and professionally retrainable but recently laid off citizens of Maryland.

  • Identify & develop curriculum of certain trainings including vocational that can be remotely offered from Sikkim to the citizens of Maryland.

  • Seek help from Maryland and Sikkim governments for the tuition fee for the needyand support the salaries for the Real Time Instructor in Maryland as well as the Remote Trainer from Sikkim.

  • Rally support for achieving the above goals from Heads of Governments, Law Makers, Officials, Prominent Citizens, Corporations, Educational Institutions, etc. from both the states of Maryland and Sikkim.

The Unemployment Data of Sikkim and Maryland

  • MD Unemployment Data: As per the statistics the unemployment rate in MD is 4.1% (131,469) as of September 2018. Reference link:

  • Sikkim Unemployment Data: Rate is 13.6% of people aged more than 15 years in 2016-17, according to the Annual Employment and Unemployment Survey report. Reference link:

  • Unemployment and Foreign Workers: Student Visa (F1), L1, & H-1B Visa Program – Advantage India and Advantage Sikkim: Over the last three decades, several hundreds of thousands of students and professionals from India moved to United States in pursuit of academic and professional excel, a significant percentage of them being Information Technology (IT) personnel on F1, L1 & H-1B non-immigrant visa program.

Present Scenario

  • Unemployment & Foreign Workers: Recent socio-economic and political changes in the United States might have forced an average American to feel that foreign workers have exploited their job opportunities, and this might have contributed for the possible misunderstandings. Socio-economic and cultural aspects played a major role towards this crisis. Majority of the unemployed and under-employed American Workforce lost confidence and need motivation to compete and succeed.

The Solution

  • Our Training Model: Studies reveal that it takes several years for the US workforce to match the demands of US IT industry. Training American workforce is the only solution to address the unemployment crisis. Also, the TRAINING MODEL being proposed by MASSIWE is cost effective and beneficial both the countries.

  • MASSIWE has successfully discovered, that NGOs can play a pivotal role in motivating and channelizing the students in US for the training programs.